This Is Why I Try to Go Out for a Run Every Day

I try to go out for a run every day. I sometimes wake up at 5 in the morning in order to have the time, and no matter how physically tired I feel during the day, this is the only way I can cope with that dangerous fatigue that cannot be felt in the muscles or the bones, the one that you cannot see.

The fatigue that does not manifest physically is the most dangerous type, because it operates in the dark, it doesn’t allow you to anticipate it, amassing like a snowball, so that it can bring you down in the end. More and more people around me say that they are tired.

They have an office job, which is sometimes very stressful, they have a full family life that takes up all of their personal time, they have responsibilities, bills to pay. Just as in the case of fats, where we have good fats and bad fats, so is the case of fatigue.

This is why I go running: because the only way I can alleviate the unseen effects of the psychic fatigue, the bad kind, is through physical fatigue, that ultimately turns out to be the good kind.

Laurențiu Ion

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