In 2010, I won a national literary debut contest. At that time, I was writing poetry. Following this award, I had my first book published by Humanitas, one of the most prestigious publishing houses in Romania. I was 19. Meanwhile, I started working in Digital Marketing. At the same time, I was also writing articles on various topics in order to increase my income.

What I was doing at that time had nothing to do with my studies. I did not think that there was a future for me out there. I was an Online Marketing Manager at a small media company. In fact, I was throwing the ball to myself to score.

After learning the deal with Digital Marketing, I joined the F64 Studio’s Marketing & eCommerce team. Around that time I was also having my second book published. One year later, in 2015, I decided to make a change from B2C to B2B, so I joined the Marketing team of IBM, where I was the Digital Marketing Team Leader of the Nordic team. It was an awesome period: I started teaching Digital Marketing at the Alternative University, and I was writing articles for various Romanian publications. Simultaneously I also founded SUBCAPITOL, a literature and photography magazine that was to become one of the most important online magazines in the field.

In 2017 I was included in Forbes 30 Under 30. Even though I was not a millionaire, I ended up seeing my face on the cover of Forbes. That same year, I became the face of IBM for the employer branding international campaign You To The Power Of IBM.

One year later, I decided to go back to B2C and I joined the Marketing team of PepsiCo Romania, as the Digital Marketing Manager for the Beverages Category. Apart from my job and daily projects, I continue to write for publications like Forbes, Dilema veche or Decât o Revistă. Even though I wear the same brand and model of glasses Steve Jobs did, I don’t believe in idols. However, I believe in the things that are there beyond the shiny casing of people. And when it comes to Digital Marketing, I don’t necessarily place my big bet on technology, but on people.

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